Minor Service

  • Change oil and filter
  • Check/ top up brake and clutch fluid
  • Check brake pads
  • Lubricate and adjust chain
  • Check tyre pressures

Standard Service

Our standard service includes everything from the minor service plus

  • Plug inspection
  • Coolant top up
  • Checking operation and condition of brake callipers, discs and lines
  • Checking of suspension operation
  • Checking headstock, swing arm and wheel bearings for play.

Major Service

Our major service includes everything from our standard service plus

  • Valve clearance check/ adjustment
  • Carburettor vacuum check
  • Checking of air filter and replace if necessary

125cc & Under

Minor Service – £50
Standard Service – £80
Major Service – £110

Over 125cc

Minor Service £99
Standard Service £160
Major Service £230

2 Stroke Scooters

Minor Service – £30
Major Service – £60

Services use Rock Oil 10/40w and HiFlow Filters
Other oil and parts are available and might change the prices quoted.
If fairings and other body work have to be removed, a further £20 charge will be applied